Anxieties Distraction of Weirdness!

Anxiety, the life sucker. We have all been there at some point. That “feeling” you get when you know it’s coming. The things we go through on a day to day basis, good and bad. Anxiety doesn’t care about your good days and will tackle you just a quick as you can smile. Anxiety tells you to worry just because. There is no real answer there, just do what I say and don’t question me, attitude.

I have found a few ways to ignore anxiety, even after it punches me in the face. This horrible so-called friend, pushing me down, while I lift myself back up everytime. Please realize though that what works for me might not work for you and may make things worse. I am not writing this to make things worse for you, believe me. I am here to help give you ideas that you might not have thought of.

  • Play an instrument. For me, it’s electric guitar. I like playing distortion because it calms me. There might be an instrument that does the same for you. If you find one that makes you happy, stick with it.
  • Do a Puzzle. I personally like putting puzzles together because it’s very calming. I like a lot of different puzzles and I even put them together online. If you are a patient person, this might work for you. It’s possible that it could calm you down, allowing you to focus on what you are doing rather than what you anxiety wants you to do, which is of course, freak-out.
  • Make jewelry. Friendship bracelets are fun to make, as well as necklaces. Also, something that I learned years ago was how to make dreamcatchers. Dreamcatchers are my go-to if I feel like being creative. Keeping your hands busy is a must and why not make something that you can enjoy?
  • Chow down on some Dark Chocolate. Why? It has antioxidants that will help with your anxiety. While it’s not 100% proven fact, you should still try it. I know that it has worked for so many people. My choice of chocolate bar is from Amazon, and is my absolute favorite. I have turned so many others on to this brand over the years. While I don’t care much for the ones with peanut, I do like all of the other ones, especially forest mint.
  • Take pictures! Many pictures. And do it outside. Nature shots can be beautiful as can city shots. If you aren’t interested in neither, you can take photos of your family and even your pets if you have any.
  • Listen to music! This is my number one go to. I like listening to everything, but am a huge fan of heavy metal. Bands I crank up are Godsmack, Volbeat, Rammstein, Metallica, Judas Priest, Megadeth, Pantera, & 5FDP! Those are always my go to. Although, it really depends on how bad my anxiety is at that moment. If it’s horrible, I will listen to easy beats. Spotify has a great selection in their Focus area. Focus Flow is a great playlist. Also, nature sounds is another great playlist if you are in to that type of sound.
  • Grounding. This might sound strange to you if you have never heard of or never do it. It’s simple to do and you have probably done is a couple hundred times without realizing it. To do this, go outside in your bare feet and sit in the grass for about 45 minutes. The energy from the Earth will help in healing you. For grounding methods and healing tips, click HERE.

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