The Awesome Mom

There are a ton of mom blogs out there these days as blogging has become a full time job for most. Some of the mom blogs teach mom’s how to best the best moms they can be while other teach mom’s different ways to discipline without having to use force. I have seen a lot of mom blogs that are really great, and have seen others that lack greatly.

While this is a mom blog, it doesn’t tell you how to be the best mom because it doesn’t need to. Ask your child who the best mom in the world is and it’s simple, it’s you. You have already figured out what you need to do to be the mom that you are. You love and protect making you the awesome mom that you are. Sure you make mistakes, you have to, otherwise, how will you learn. Everyone makes mistakes, but only you can learn from your own. That’s what makes you a stronger mom each time something goes wrong.

Let’s talk about being a mom. There are so many best parts that you probably cannot list them all. The very first one that I felt was love. I never in my life ever loved anyone the way I do my child. I also never felt so much fear either. All mom’s have felt this and still do on a daily basis. It never leaves us! Admit it, the best job in the world is being a mom. Nothing compares, not now, not ever. More of the best parts, unconditional love. That one is the biggest for me. I of course have many, but the unconditional love is HUGE! When your children laugh, yes, that’s another amazing part.

Don’t ever ask yourself if you are being the best mom that you can be. Of course you are! How do you know? Because you have asked yourself that question. That’s it, it really is that simple. You are an amazing mom!

With my child, she notices and appreciates positive words. I like letting her know that I appreciate how helpful she was at that certain moment, that I know that she did her best, that I believe in her and understand her, that she has a choice, and that she is enough and to never compare herself to anyone. Encouraging words go so far with children. They really do soak it up like a sponge.

Sometimes you become upset with them, and while it’s not always okay, it is understandable. Something to look for if this keeps happening is that you might be hungry ot tired. You should always pay attention to your triggers as they will help you in eliminating this. Are you taking care of yourself? Some mom’s think that it’s just not acceptable to have a mom day because that might mean that you are taking something away from your children. This is definitely not true. You are in no way being selfish. You need time for yourself, to appreciate and love yourself so that you can do the same for your children. Happy mom’s have happy children!

Have you learned to be patient? Are you refusing to take daily breaks? Are you watching your words? Are you taking time to play with the children? These are just a few questions to ask yourself.

I have seen many random parents, in grocery store mostly, that are in a rush, trying to have their children keep up with them. This is very hard to do because your children aren’t in any hurry and don’t understand why they have to be. Sometimes during the rush, we forget to see what kind of mom we are being. There are many different things that can make us forget, at that very moment, about where the real mom is in us. The more we remember this, the more calm we can be with our children. Children love to have fun and will always seek an adventure.

Tips on keeping your children happy.

Listen to them when they talk.

Tell them that you love them.

Teach them to pay attention to others feelings.

Allow them to express their own feelings.

Avoid excess screen time.

Point out their strengths and compliment them on them.

Allow them to play everyday.

Let them relax.

Encourage them to make & keep friends.

Show them how happy you are when they are near.

Always eat dinner as a family

Let them make their own decisions.

Read a book together, or chapters of a book.

Plan a movie night.

Go on a picnic and allow your children to make the food.

Plan a weekend trip.

Color or draw with them.

Remember that you are not always right.

Yes there are APPS for moms. I have found and even use a few of them. A fun one to use is Playground Buddy. Of course you need to be careful with this app simply because you don’t really know every parent that you come across. This app allows you to connect to families, meeting up at playgrounds so that your children can play together. Pepperplate is an app that helps parents get organized. You can create shopping lists, meal plans, and menus that are shareable. Paperless is an app for busy moms. It allows you to have a folder on your device that includes checklists. This is a great app for moms that don’t have a lot of time. This app is also extremely easy to use. Mint is an amazing budgeting app. It’s an all-in-one app that allows you to monitor your bank account, credit card transactions, and show when your bills are due. Amazon is another great app and will always come in handy. It’s so easy to order everything that you need. I use this app to add items to my cart so that I don’t forget that I need them. 7-minute Workout app is an exercise app that is pretty amazing. No equipment is needed, making this app that much more amazing. And let’s not forget, we actually can make time for it considering that we can spare 7 minutes. One of the most important apps to have, especially for new moms, is Baby Connect. With this app, you are able to keep track of feeding times and even sleep patterns. This app comes in handy when it’s time to see the pediatrician. This app is one that I suggest for all moms. Also, it is fully customizable. I hid the best one for last. Keepy. This is a genius app. Milestones are so important for every family and this app allows that. You can add videos, voiceover, and even artwork. Your friends and family can even get involved and leave videos and comments as well. This is a definite go-to app for families.

I hope that you enjoyed this blog. While you and your children are already aware of what a great mom you are, I wanted to add some fillers in because we sometimes forget. Also, new information is always amazing to have, especially when it’s an app, and ones that make our busy life much easier.

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