Baby’s First Year

This is a quick list of Milestones that your baby will hit in its First Year. There is so much excitement in just the first year alone. This entire year your baby will go through many changes, especially in sensor and motor skills. You will notice changes just within the first month. Here is a quick list from Newborn to 12 months.


  • Your newborn will communicate through grunting, hiccups, cries, and even sneezes.
  • Your newborns vision will be between 8 and 12 inches.
  • Your newborn prefers your face over anything else that has a shape.
  • Pay attention to reflex movements as the start to strengthen.
  • Your Newborn knows your voice and will recognize it and turn towards you when speaking.
  • Careful of loud sounds as your newborn will respond to it.

2 Months

  • Your 2 month old will now be able to track movements and objects with their eyes.
  • Your baby will be able to lift their head now.
  • Smiling is beautiful and your 2 month old will be able to do this now.
  • Other than crying, your little one will be able to make other noises, which in turn they might repeat the oohs and ahhhs.
  • Your 2 month old may now be able to suck on their thumb or fist.

3 Months

  • Your amazing 3 month old will now be mimicking sounds, expressions, and even movements.
  • Look your baby in the eyes and they will be able to make direct eye contact now.
  • Your 3 month old is now able to recognize faces.
  • Your baby can now open & close their hands, kick and straiten their legs while on their back, and even lift their head at a 45 degree angle. How exciting!

4 Months

  • Your 4 month old is coming close to sleeping close to 6 hours every night, with total sleep throughout the day being around 14 to 17 hours.
  • Rolling over is on the top list for 4 months so definitely look for and be ready for this excitement.
  • Your baby can now respond to colors and even shades.
  • Mouth exploration is in full effect at this point so watch carefully.
  • Communication is changing for your baby because now they are able to communicate in pain, fear, discomfort, and even loneliness by crying.
  • Teething could begin at this point. If you are unsure of the signs and symptoms, please visit Babycenter.
  • Your little one might be strong enough to life themselves up on their elbows.

5 Months

  • Reaching and grasping with both hands has now begun.
  • Your little ones vision is increasing and the can now see across the room.
  • Your 5 month old is now able to grab items and pull them close.
  • Again, look for signs of teething.

6 Months

  • Rolling from front to back and back to front is now here.
  • You 6 month old is starting to learn to sit up and is able to keep their head level.
  • Food time. Your baby can now open their mouth to accept food.
  • Constant sounds are now coming from your baby.
  • Your little one is now able to hold their own bottle.
  • Copy-cat? Yes! Your 6 month old can copy facial expressions now.

7 Months

  • Your 7 month old can now see in full color.
  • They can support their own weight with their legs as long as someone is there to help them.
  • Your little one can now immitate sounds.
  • Your baby can now feed themselves finger foods.
  • Tons & tons of Raspberry’s will begin to blow.
  • Peekaboo will quickly become your baby’s favorite game.
  • You little one now knows the sound of everyone’s voice and can distinguish between you and everyone else close to them.

8 Month

  • At 8 months, your little is now able to sit up by themselves, and will also be able to lean over.
  • Crawling is either in full force now or will be very soon.
  • When your little is full of food, they will now turn their heads away, letting your know that there is room for no more.
  • You 8 month old has specific cries now for each of their various needs.
  • Let the babbles begin & continue on for many more months.
  • You little one now knows their name. Very exciting!
  • Dropping objects from the high-chair is in full effect.
  • Sleep time will now increase at night. Look for 11 to 13 hours every night and 2 to 3 naps per day.
  • You may discover that your child shows a bit of anxiety if you leave their view.

9 Months

  • Your now 9 month old is eager to hold things and will reach for it.
  • Put your child in front of the mirror as they are interested in seeing themselves, and can even identify that it is them looking back.
  • Can sit up completely going from crawling mode.

10 Months

  • Your 10 month old will now throw a fit if you remove and object from their hand.
  • Guess who can stand up while holding on to something? Talk about advancement.
  • Your child now understands the concept of object permanence.
  • Understanding simple instructions has come in to effect.

11 Months

  • Your 11 Month old knows which toy is their favorite.
  • Ready for more excitement, “ma-ma” & Da-da” can be heard multiple times per day.
  • Your little one understand “No”.
  • Guess who is able to wave Bye-Bye now? How cute!

12 Months

  • Your 1 year old likes to put objects into containers and then takes them out.
  • Your little one year old will shake their head “no”.
  • Someone might have a bit of fun opening and closing cabinet doors.
  • Turn up the music, your little one is wanting to dance!
  • Remember, hats are fun at this age.
  • Dress your little one and watch how they help out by extending their arms & legs.
  • Your child may be fearful or shy of strangers now.

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