Grocery Shopping Hacks!

These are grocery shopping hacks that are focused on saving your the most money possible. There are many times that I have gone to the grocery store and spent much more than I expected. Most of the time it is my own fault for an array of reasons. Sometimes I put things in the cart that I don’t need. Sometimes the kiddo wants a special item and sometimes maybe more than one item, and I always allow it. I believe this is something that might happen to all of us in the grocery shopping game, making us spend a bit more than we anticipated.

These amazing grocery shopping hacks will end you “over-paying” Days!

Grocery Shopper

Make a Grocery List

Make a grocery list and stick to it. What I mean but this is that you should ONLY buy the items listed. When reviewing your shopping cart, be sure that you have only those items listed and not one item more. Remember, you do not need that item because it is not on your list. Do not allow your brain to tell you “But I will need it for next week!” Then get it next week, not now! You are only there for what you need now.

Meal Building

Build your meals by the items that you have now. This will help save you time and money. Find recipes based on what is in your pantry! This is a great way to find the perfect recipe based off of the items that you already have waiting.

Browse Ads

One thing that you should never do is stick with one certain grocery store. It is so much better to look at the ads for the same day that you will be doing your grocery shopping. If you need to split and balance out each store for their add, do so. It will definitely save you money.


There is nothing wrong with buying the cheaper brands. It is actually more logical to do so because you will save quite a bit, especially the more you buy. Buy the reduced items. You will be using them up fairly quick anyway, so don’t worry about the date, especially if shopping for the week. Most items can be frozen until you need to use them, especially meat. Bruised bananas are always much cheaper. These could be used immediately in the banana bread that you will make tonight for desert.

Weekly Shopping

Only shop once per week as opposed to everyday. If you think about what you spend everyday and then add it up at the end of the week, it is a lot more than what you would spend doing it once per week. If you spend an average $30 per day, add that up for 7 days per week. Yes, that is definitely a lot more than what you would spend going grocery shopping only once per week. Narrow your shopping down to once every week and you will see a difference, especially if you use your shopping list correctly.


Leave your children at home. Do not allow them to go grocery shopping with you. You will be happy with the results after you check your receipt. If you have no choice and they have to tag-a-long, explain to them that they will not be getting any special items because you have to stick with your list.


This one is extremely important. If you are hungry, do not go grocery shopping. You will end up with items that you do not need and your bill will increase to something that you might not want to see.


Use CASH! Leave your cards at home & only bring cash. This stops you in overspending. If you have cash, you only have so much of it and will be forced to stick to your grocery list.

Portion Sizes Work

If snack are on the list, be sure to make appropriate portion size bags so that they will last longer. You can also do this with other items as well. Check out I Value Food for a guide on portion size.

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